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Eliminate Stress Away By Determining How Much You Can Take


I bet that many of you stress out… I know that I do everyday.

And while we all know we stress about the silliest things, we always seem to overwhelm ourselves everyday.

We think of what could go wrong.  We think of what could go right.

Our fear of uncertainty impacts our lives.

So while we all know how it is, the thing that matters most is that we determine how much stress we can take.  And not only that, but to do the best we could.

By understanding how much is POSSIBLE versus IMPOSSIBLE to do each day, we can find a way to get on with our days.

So if you are interested in determining what you can handle and determining how to reduce you stress level, this is the post for you.  And I’m not only going to talk about this, but about another product meant for reducing your traveling-stress too!

You Stress Out Too Much

We stress out about the bills, our appearance, our jobs, and so many other things each day.  We worry about what has happened, and how to get on with our days.

And while there is no way to COMPLETELY eliminate these stressors today what we can do is to diminish them a bit more each day.

To Diminish Stress…

1.MAKE PLANS (Meals, Exercise, To-Do’s, Self-Care)

Rather than getting overwhelmed by the future and what it may bring, plan your days in advance in order to succeed.  You can plan out your meals, your exercise, or even your self-care routine.  And you can even plan out your outfit, so you are ready to go in spite of any morning delays!

**Even if these plans don’t work out the exact way you want, just having an idea in which you can adapt to, makes life that much simpler!**

2. Self-Care

While something quite similar to what I posted above, a lot of times we don’t schedule enough time for ourselves.  So if you need an idea of what to do, check out these previous blogs right here: Self-Care to Get the Life You Want AND Stressed? Pinpointing What Doesn’t Work

3. Stop Focusing On What Could Be and Be Yourselves

Rather than worrying about what MAY happen, focus on the here and now.  While it may sound difficult, so much time is wasted on worrying of things you may not know.  Stop getting paralyzed by all that could be, and instead figure out a plan to move on and get on with the day!

How to Prevent A Breakdown

Let’s face it…we all lose it.  We all have breakdowns at one time or another.  And while not completely preventable, we can prevent many of them by several techniques which are all listed below!

STEP 1: Determine Your Threshold Of What You Can Handle

Instead of overwhelming yourself with all these to-do lists that you know you can’t get done, you need to focus on what you CAN do.

While you may need to drop a few things off your list, you can go by item by item to see what you can eliminate today…
  • Maybe you can eliminate a half an hour trip to the stores by making a day of running rather than separating your running into three days at a time.  This may save you an hour or two this week to give yourself some time to get more done (or even some fun!).
  • Maybe you can CARPOOL with a friend so you don’t need to drive the kids/yourself to and from school/work everyday.
  • Maybe you can MULTI-TASK while you are talking on the phone, brushing your teeth, etc. to get more time to yourself each day.


There are ways to eliminate all that needs to get done, but you need to stop aiming for perfection, as there is no such thing as so!

STEP 2: Fight/Eliminate the Fear

Oftentimes our fears get in the way of what we want to get done each day.  We worry about whether we are doing the right thing or if we will fail.  We worry about getting judged or what may happen if we do the very thing we are scared of each day.  But rather than allowing it to control you and make you insecure, you need to accept it and move on IN SPITE of how scary it could seem.

  • If you are scared of taking a test, driving, etc., the only way to go about doing it is to  expose yourself a bit at a time.  While I’ve done this with driving many times, it’s still quite hard for myself, so I know it is not the easiest, but it’s something that MUST be done.

Even if you are terrified of something happening, try to plan what you would do if it did.  By having a plan to move on in spite of it, you will feel more comfortable than if you paralyzed yourself in fears.

So while this may seem easy, I know it’s the most difficult thing to do, but I just want to say that I believe in all of you.

But Sometimes It Just Happens…

Let’s fact it…there are times that we just have a LEGIT breakdown as the stress seems too much for ourselves to take. We just want to lock ourselves up and want the day to be over.  And despite our wishes, we know that we can’t.  We just got to get through the day and make the best of the day that we have!

So if you are ready for a breakdown today, accept how you are feeling, cry it all out, and feel the relief you NEED to feel.  Once you are done, this is where the hard part comes in…trying to determine how to make the MOST of the day (despite all that has gone on!).

The End

So while there are ways to reduce our stresses everyday, we oftentimes get paralyzed as we reach our threshold…to the point of insanity.  Instead of getting in this highly-stressed out state, we truly need to determine what stress we can handle and stress that we can’t.  By determining what we NEED to do versus WANT to do in a day, we can figure out the right balance for ourselves so that we have the best balance everyday.  So while it may sound simple, I know it’s quite difficult in itself, but I know that each one of you is strong enough and that all of us together are stronger than one.

EatSmart Luggage Scale

luggage scale on Henri Bendel
What’s This On My Luggage?

While I spoke about threshold in terms of stress, I didn’t quite talk about the threshold of the luggage you carry on when you fly.  But I recently found a product that reduces the stress and time it takes to get through the TSI!

The Company

So the product I am talking about in this post is made by the same company that makes the digital food scale I own.  And let me tell you, they are quite dependable!  They make all sorts of products which you can check out on their website, and when you are done read along for my thoughts on the product!

The Product

luggage scale close
So Convenient and Small!

First Question: Do You Really Need It?

If you are a frequent traveler or even worrying about your bag passing through as a carry on, this product is a MUST-HAVE for yourself.  This product simply hooks onto the luggage and weighs your luggage for you.

Soather than getting to the airport and having to pay for baggage fees or to throw out that one pair of shoes, y rou can simply hook this on beforehand and pre-plan the outfits you have to choose.

This not only eliminates fees, but also time.  It helps you to pre-plan beforehand so all you have to worry about is the FLIGHT!

Second Question: I Want It, What Do I Need to Know?

So you want it, and decided it’s well-worth the money to stress less when you travel today.  But you want to know more about it.

So why would you choose this very product given all your other options you have right now?
Scale in hand
So Skinny and Light!

This product is very light at 5.5 oz and can clip onto almost anything.  You can clip it on the suitcase or bag, and besides all this, you can use the two-handed SmartGrip to lift the luggage scale!

The product can be easily reset if you are taking along more than one bag at a time.  (So when you store shoes in your boyfriend’s or husband’s luggage, you can hide them beforehand and make sure they go along safety for the ride!)

The display is also great and makes measuring a simple task.  It has an LCD display that lasts because of the CR2032 lithium battery and its 20-second auto power-off function!

So you can read more here, but if you are questioning it just note the 100% satisfaction guarantee and two-year warranty!
And Besides the Point, but It Was Featured Right Here…
  • The Huffington Post list of 5 Helpful Travel Gadgets to Take Along During a Family Travel in 2016
  • ZDNet list of 19 essential tech gadgets for any seasoned business traveler in 2013

All Sounds Great, But What About My Experience?

me smiling with bag
Let me Tell you My Thoughts!

So while I have not had the opportunity to go away anywhere this year, I tried it out myself to test it out for you! Here’s what I thought…and I hope that I CAN use it SOON!

The first thing that stood out to me was the company, as I told you I worked with them before.  I love the guarantee behind their products and the fact that the company cares.  In spite of my unit working, I noticed that if there have been problems due to a glitch the product is QUICKLY replaced, which is amazing if you ask me!

I was also impressed by the packaging and appearance of the product when it was delivered.  The product is definitely small enough to carry along, and the silver color was kind of cute.  The clip also was strong and durable, unlike many other products I’ve seen.

So upon testing it out, I decided to use a few pairs of my favorite shoes.  I was able to find that the amounts were quite accurate and I definitely was amazed given the small size of the scale!

To Buy or Not To Buy

While I am dying to go away and try this out more, I would definitely buy based on my own experience, other Amazon reviews I’ve read, and the reliability of the company which I will speak about more in my NEXT blog!  This product is quite small and is made relatively well.  The buckle and nylon strand is strong, and the scale is also easy to read.  I wasn’t really sure if it would be accurate, and am really pleased how well it actually worked!

So if you are interested to buy one yourself, you can check it out right here, and often they go on sale!


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