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Drop Those Filters and Be Real

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Just me…No Filters. Just natural sunlight

I bet that many of you are trying to better your life, and yet getting discouraged as you compare your life to those next-door, online, or in your family.  At times you feel as though you were given the more difficult life, without even a means to get out.  Still, other times you feel guilty for thinking so, as you are well-aware that others have it worse than yourself.  But in spite of it all, you keep on going, only to find yourself wishing to have the lifestyle of another based on what you may see.  But while we so often do this, I think one of the most important aspects that we forget that we often filter our lives as well.  We CHOOSE to filter our photos on Instagram, filter our comments, and even filter the moments that we want others to see.  In this manner, we protect ourselves from being judged and show ourselves as the person whom we want to be rather than the imperfect version that we are.  And while it may be an innocent act, the fact of the matter is that it is not only hurting ourselves, but others whom are wishing for the PERFECT lives that we display.  So before I get into my blog today, how about trying to go one day (even today) and making it #nofilterthursday or #nofilterfriday…you get the point.

Filters…The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

We all do it… We all filter our lives in one way or another.  We do it on Instagram, we do it on Facebook, and we even do it in our real lives as well.  We choose to filter our pictures with photo editing to get rid of our personal addresses…stray hair…or blemishes…or red eye…or even to whiten our teeth.  We filter our words that we say to others and our words that we input as the caption of our pictures as well.  And we even filter the image of ourselves that we want to display; whether it be as a fitness or fashion want-to-be.

And although you can see that there are some filters that are great to utilize in the right time and right place, the innocent act of filtering often hurts ourselves.  Rather than trying to be confident in the imperfections that make us each unique, we choose to filter to suit what we deem suitable for others to see.  We try to uphold the perfect image that society calls “beautiful” and by doing so,  feel less confident in our unfiltered selves.   We don’t show who we are, we don’t say what we feel, and we don’t accept all the parts of ourselves that make us unique.   So no wonder why we hide behind our computers, makeup, or even our outfits outside of our filtering, as how are we truly supposed to accept ourselves when all we do is filter whom we were born to be?

   But while filtering alone can be harmful for ourselves, the worst part is that filtering is even worse from that of another’s perspective.  By filtering ourselves, we pave the pathway for others to follow as well.  Because we are trying to mesh right in with the rest of societal ideas, others feel that they should too.  They see the images that we show, the statements that we write, and the confined image of ourselves that we so often display…And they want to follow too.  They want a sense of perfection and they want a life without struggle as you often show.

And in this manner, the rest of the world becomes a follower without a true leader to show what beauty truly means…

That Meaning Yourself (Imperfections and All)

The Impact of Accepting Yourself and Dropping those Filters

So while filtering may seem like an innocent act in itself, which is oftentimes is, we often rely too much on filtering when we should be dropping them and accepting ourselves.  Rather than filtering or not posting a photo of ourselves, we should show ourselves as we are, regardless of your desires to fix or perfect it.  No re-touching of scars, blemishes, birth-marks, etc. to make it better.  It may take quite a few selfies, and a lot of intimidation, but once you truly put yourself out there, the more confident you will feel.

 At the same time, we should say what we want to say whether it be either a comment or caption.  Rather than holding back thinking that we do not have anything great to say and would just be an annoying obligation, just say it, as you never know what the other person will respond.  Rather than holding back on our hard days and our weak moments, put it out there for others to view, not only just to get support, but also to show others that they are supported too.  By SHOWING ourselves and our true struggles it will help others to show theirs as well.  It will help them to stop hiding and wishing for a life without struggle, as there truly is no such thing.

And I’ve spoken about this before (Read this blog Who the Heck Am I?), but try and be who you really are…not who society or even Instagram expects you to be.  Stop just posting about fashion or just fitness because you feel confined by this ONE aspect of your life.  Show who you are outside of this one passion, and never feel the need to confine all the parts of you into one little box or category.  Because truly, you all have a lot more to give to the world that will make it a much happier and healthier place.


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2 thoughts on “Drop Those Filters and Be Real

  1. Interesting thoughts. I agree with many of them. Many people are getting to a point where their entire life is one big disguise. Physically, socially, academically, etc… People portray completely different than their true self. I agree. However, some filtering can be necessary when communing with others. Think about these basic examples, gum/mint for bad breath, spanx under a form fitting dress, editing/proofreading an important document, removing of rollers upon taking your kids to school 😜, editing your language when talking to a toddler, cleaning up your home upon the arrival of many guests and the like. Similar to getting braces, dying your greys, putting on concealer to cover a blemish etc… I think its best to present accurately, but your best possible. Like all things, there are certainly limitations, and this should not be at the expense of authenticity. Interesting ideas. Thanks for sharing! 😊

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