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Do What Works For You…Not Someone Else Part 2

Lighter Dinners Work Better for Me So That’s What I Do…

I bet that many of you have read my latest blog about doing what works for you rather than another (And if not…click here Finding What Works For You…Not Someone Else).  You may have read it quick, thought about it, and even thought of the things you felt you needed to change in your life in order to make it better.  And you may have even already started to make small changes.  And while I felt destined to leave it at what was said, the fact is that one little blog or one little reference is not very likely to cause long-term change.  For long-term change to happen, we must constantly remind ourselves of what truly matters each day…that being ourselves.  So here’s your quick reminder that you must take today and every single day as an opportunity to better yourselves and to find what works best for you.  Find what makes you happy, healthy, and successful whether it be a food routine, exercise routine, or lifestyle, and stick to it regardless of what others may feel about it.  In the long run, nobody else’s views of ourselves is going to make a difference which enables us to succeed, so why allow such a thing to get in the way of living our lives to the best of our ability?  So, this transformation Tuesday, take a minute and find the things that will enable you to transform into the better person whom you are striving to be, rather than allowing the judgements of others to get in the way.

Yet Another Thing That Works For Me…My Afternoon Snack Which Includes Icelandic Yogurt and Coconut Shreds (While this may work for myself, others may need less or more protein or even fats than I OR even prefer that of a vegan lifestyle)

     While I could have left this blog alone and left it at what was said, the more I thought about it, the more I felt should have been said.  I mean in all reality, I’ve seen this situation happen more frequently than that which is observed on Instagram.  I’ve seen it happen to my friends, my family, and even to myself, and have also seen how much judgement of others can get in the way of another’s success.

In my lifetime, I’ve already seen so much judgement of others for the things in which they do or even the things in which they choose to eat.  I’ve seen vegetarians being told that they are not healthy or that they are even killing more animals because of the food choices they have chosen to make.  I have seen flexitarians being told that they are unhealthy because they sometimes choose to have eggs or even meat.  I’ve even seen others whom following a flexible-dieting/IIFYM approach being brutally judged for the food choices they make, as some of the options are relatively “unclean” (AKA cereal).  And while I do understand the different standpoints that are being said, that fact is that each and everyone of us is entitled to different views, opinions, and even genetics.  What works for someone else is not always the best for another.

     So with that being said, just like you wouldn’t tell someone with food allergies to corn to eat corn, why would you tell another or even be told by another what to do?  What good comes out of telling a diabetic with an insulin pump that he/she can’t have any fruit because of the sugars in which they contain (TRUE STORY)?  What good comes out of telling someone with a background of anorexia who is following IIFYM and strength training that their meals are not adequate, even though they happen to be following their plans for once?  What good comes out of telling a flexitarian to avoid eggs when that’s the only way that they can get the nourishment that they need to function both mentally and physically?  Just a few quick thoughts of my own, but why allow yourself to brutally judge and/or be impacted by this or other judgements when you know what it is best for yourself?

So while yet another short blog, my point was just to reiterate the importance of finding what works for yourself and not allowing yourselves to be misled by other’s judgements of you.  Don’t just follow a diet because it’s the new up-and-coming trend without even thinking of whether it a.) works for you (will it allow you to think clearly to function at work) and b.) will make you happy (will it allow you to spend time with your family and eat the foods in which you enjoy) c.) will help you achieve a better self (will it allow you to become healthier d.) will be a long-term solution (why even bother with doing a temporary and quick fix).  And once you do this, do this type of thinking with all of the things in which you may be judged for, and truly decide what you need to do for YOU.  Follow your dreams…not someone else’s.  Follow what your heart says…rather than allowing someone else’s to get in the way.  And no matter what you do, never allow yourself to lose sight of yourself and your happiness because of another.  So how’s about it…This transformation Tuesday, let’s transform into our better selves by realizing what works for OURSELVES not that of another.

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