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Discrediting Yourself: Are You Good Enough?

My Daily OOTD From This Weekend…Less than Perfect, But Definitely Good Enough

 I bet that you frequently discredit yourself for your strengths, knowledge, and capabilities, and oftentimes find yourself questioning of whether you are good enough.  You look at the experiences in which you have been through, and although you acknowledge your capability to get past them, oftentimes find yourself hating the struggle or even mistakes that you may have made during this time.  Rather than seeing the strength you had to face the struggle to get PAST them, you often ruminate on having to deal with a struggle, and how much it may have “sucked.”  At the same time in which you hate yourself for this, you may even find yourself looking back on all the experiences with dread as you have yet to get where you want.  Although you have experiences that will be extremely helpful to someone else, along with the strength to guide them (and even yourself), you keep excusing yourself out of greatness by asking whether or not you are even good enough.  And while you can keep going on and on with these thoughts, it’s a New Year and time for some new thoughts.  It’s time to DO and time to GET THROUGH your insecurities in order to help that of someone else.  So right now ask yourself why you aren’t good enough, as there are so many others whom are missing out because of your own thoughts.

Less Than Perfect (Notice the Uggs and Picture in Room, but Yet Good Enough)

You see, regardless of my experiences and regardless of my knowledge, I like many of you push myself down as the rest of society often does.  We see flaws in ourselves due to the picturesque and perfect images that are shown.  We see fashion bloggers who have flawless pictures set in the most picturesque settings and then feel as though our shots are not good enough to share.  We see pictures of models who have been photoshopped or drastically changed by the works of a plastic surgeon and then feel as though our un-photoshopped bare-faced selves are too sub-par to even post.  We may even see others whom have accreditation as an RD or even physical trainer, and feel too ashamed to even post or write about all the experiences in which we know.  You get the gist…  I mean, even on Miss. Universe several statements were made about having legs that were too long, or xx that were too xx.

But when did experiences and knowledge from those experiences become sub par to “learning by the book” just for accreditation?  When did being yourself and being okay with the way you look become less than acceptable than if you were to change yourself (either by photoshop or plastic surgery)?  And truly, why are you not good enough?

So while yet another short blog, my point is that we all too often discredit ourselves.  We think we are not good enough, and although this is a bad thing in itself, the worst part is that we hold back because of it.  We hold back not only on ourselves, but also on others as well…others who may be truly depending on our knowledge and experiences in order to get their lives together.  Maybe they need to see us flashing our imperfect bare-face selfies to the world to give them the confidence to post of theirs, or maybe they just need some help with nutrition from someone who just “gets-it” rather than someone who just “understands from being taught about it.”  Regardless of what it may be, we all have unique experiences and strengths to share the world and what better time than this year…even today.  Let’s get at it.  And maybe even #hashtag it as #imperfectlyfab.


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