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Continuation of Bad is Needed to Find the Good


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I bet that many of you have been hit hard by one bad situation followed by yet another, making you feel even weaker than you did before.  Although you were strong and confident when you first started in tackling either your career or your life, you’ve just about had it to here.  And while the bad just keeps coming in spite of all your hopes, you mustn’t give up.  You see… regardless of how bad things may be at the time, your life needs to and will eventually get better.  Sometimes the worst moments lead you to appreciate the better moments ahead, and sometimes, even, the worst parts often create the best futures.  So with that being said, I figured hump-day was the perfect day to discuss why to keep going, how to keep going, and why I am sure that doing so is the best choice for not just me, but for YOU as well.

Trust me…last month was most definitely not my most fabulous month I’ve had.  I did my fair share of struggling and had my fair share of life slapped in my face.  Besides dealing with Raynaud’s, the freezing cold, and battles with my anorexia, I got hit all in a week with notification that my insurance was ending, a bill for taxes yet to be paid, and a few other things that I never would have imagined that would be due.  Even as I type, my iPhone 5S that I’ve had for three or even four years is currently dying (and I know that its close to nearing the end of its life).  And while there were far more things that came in between and gave me enough reason to give up, I have still been going.  That’s right…in spite of being smacked head on by life’s uncertainty, I have yet to throw in the towel in achieving the life that I desire.  Sometimes, I DO want to give up, but I know that there’s something far better ahead this month and the next that I WILL not…and neither should you.

So while many of you may be slapped with the same or even more difficult situations than I have to bear this month or even the last few months, I am telling you that you need to stay on track.  Things may seem impossible now, given the sequence of bad events, and you may just want to cry and to wait for your problems to disappear, but the fact of the matter is that THEY WON’T.  In order to get the life you want, you need to take whatever situations are thrown in your face and either deal with them individually as they come, or to adapt to still make your life better.  Whether you got hit with a law suit, had a fight with a friend and/or family member, got a bill you can hardly pay…you can and will need to take it as it comes.  Maybe you won’t handle it perfectly and maybe you won’t feel like you are getting anywhere with it at all, but if you continue to try your hardest and focus on the life you want, I know that it will be worth the effort as you get closer to the life you desire.

So then how do we keep going?

In spite of me telling you not to give up and to stick out, I know that many of you are questioning my sanity, as it seems more difficult to tackle.  But while I had similar thoughts as you do now, the fact is that there are several things that can truly help in your ability to deal with a sequence of bad events and STILL make your life better than you could have imagined.

1.Get Proper Sleep, Nourishment, and Exercise

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2. Self-Care

Check here for what I previously wrote! (Self-Care to Get the Life You Want + GTS Kombucha)

3.Change Mentality Every Single Morning and Decide to Make The Day Better: This may sound silly, but every single morning tell yourself that March is going to be your month regardless of how bad it may seem.  Remind yourself of how many opportunities lie in the timeframe of your day to better your life, and how much you can achieve.  Focus on the things you can handle rather than starting the day dreading of the things that you know you can not achieve.  When all comes down to it, focus on the positive aspects rather than the negative aspects of your day, and if you truly think in this manner, March WILL be your month (as it is mine, but that might just be because my birthday is March 15!)

4. Talk to Others

Sometimes when the going is tough and everything seems difficult to bare, it’s essential to talk to others and get some support or advice on how to tackle the things you have been slapped in the face with.  Sometimes it helps just to have some other advice or help, as they may have different ideas than you about how you can adapt to get through the struggles in which you are dealing with.

5. Go Outside

Check here for what I previously wrote! (Self-Care to Get the Life You Want + GTS Kombucha)

6. Take Breaks

This is pretty self-explanatory, but sometimes it helps just to take a short five to ten minute break out of your day to just relax and to think about something other than your problems at hand.  Sometimes a small break allows you to relax enough that you feel stronger and more determined to tackle which you felt you couldn’t just a few seconds or even minutes ago.  Therefore, because a break gives you time to relax rather than get overwhelmed by your problems, the best thing to do is to re-align yourself throughout the day with a break or two or even more!

So while this may be just a short blog post, the point is that we all have those moments where we are hit from all angles with bad situations, and many of us do not know now what to do, other than to give up.  And while it may be one of the most difficult things in life that must be done, I know that you mustn’t give up.  Rather than giving up because of life’s unpredictability and the bad sequence of events you often bare, try these steps and see if they help you continue.  If you only just continue and face hard times in the face, you can and will achieve the better life in which you ALWAYS deserved.  And with that, let me refer you all to an article I just read at the midst of editing this article about Rebecca Minkoff, who had to pay her dues in order to become a success.  Although it may not be the same predicament as you may be in, it shows that oftentimes, you must get through the bad in order to find your success (Why Paying My Dues Was the Best Thing Ever).  So go get it this Wednesday, and if you want, I would love to hear about it in the comments!


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