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Here you will find things relevant to fitness and food. You will find everything from my exercise outfits to my favorite exercises that I love to do, and which have been helpful in combatting anorexia. You will also find recipes, thoughts about food, and products that I tend to use, myself!

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Achieve the Badass Life You Want…In Spite of Being Misguided

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Listen to the messages you receive every single day, and I bet that 9/10 of the times you are being misguided. You are misguided by magazines, advertisements, and even your friends that tell you what you should eat and drink, how you should exercise, and what you should do with the life you are living today. …

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You Are Not Getting Help Because The Person Who Can Is Not Certified to Help

Michele with salad topped with farmers cheese, strawberries, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, cucumber, and an assortment of products

What if the reason you are not getting help is because the person who can help you is not certified to do so? This is a question I’ve been back and forth on lately, but unsure how to discuss. While it may seem like an attack on board certified physicans or dietitians, it is not. …

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Appreciating Simplicity and Being Happier Today

Osea Malibu all natural toner spray

While there are so many things to life, we often complicate it more than it needs to be… We see problems where there were NONE to begin. We cause fights that may have been avoided upon listening and hearing to what another has to say. And we complicate things so we are unsure of what …

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Sometimes You Love Your Pet More Than You Love Yourself…And That’s Perfectly Okay

brown lab peeking into pupjoy box

While we are taught to love ourselves before loving someone else, many of us love our pets more than ourselves. Don’t agree?  Just think of all the things we do for them everyday… We take them on long walks or runs everyday. And we provide them with nutritious meals every single day. We even buy …

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When Your Day Doesn’t Go The Way It Should… And Review!

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Sometimes things don’t work the way you plan or the way you expect them to be. But rather than lamenting at what may be, you need to move on. So while this was written the other day, I couldn’t post as the electricity went out twice that day.  While it COULD have stopped me in …

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Summer is Finally Here! Are You Prepared? Ways to Feel Healthy and Confident This Summer.

bootay bag, shorts, burberry sunglasses, wear lively hat, skinny serum, and supergoop sunscreen are all ready in my bag to go

While the weather is still questionable, I bet that many are ready of you are ready for the beach! You are waiting to dip your toes in the sand. Ready to take long walks or runs along the beach on a hot, but breezy summer day. And ready for long vacations you plan all year-long for. …

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Your Sneakers Are Killing You + Are the Mizuno Wave Sky’s Right For You?

Me smiling near stairs after a run

I bet that many of you wear old clothing and sneakers with every intention to throw out.  You figure you can use them and wear them out, and feel guilt in letting go. So you wear THOSE bummy sweatpants or see-through leggings to the gym.  And you pair it with that awful t-shirt ready to …