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Achieve the Badass Life You Want…In Spite of Being Misguided

Me smiling with makeup

Listen to the messages you receive every single day, and I bet that 9/10 of the times you are being misguided. You are misguided by magazines, advertisements, and even your friends that tell you what you should eat and drink, how you should exercise, and what you should do with the life you are living today. …

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Unbeatable Ways to Stop Missing Out On Life Now

me smiling with OSEA natural serum

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of missing out on my life. I’m tired of living early a sub par life. I’m tired of letting assumptions get in the way, and I’m so ready to find better days. If this sounds like you, then this blog post is right for you. And you …

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Appreciating Simplicity and Being Happier Today

Osea Malibu all natural toner spray

While there are so many things to life, we often complicate it more than it needs to be… We see problems where there were NONE to begin. We cause fights that may have been avoided upon listening and hearing to what another has to say. And we complicate things so we are unsure of what …

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Reveal Your Potential and Let Your Beauty Shine Through Today

revealing beauty for real makeup products in hand

While I’ve said so a few times, I’ll say it another time as many can relate… I am NOT just a fitness, fashion, or even lifestyle blogger. But  much more than this… I am simply Michele. A girl who loves fitness, fashion, and a variety of things which I don’t even mention.  I have a …

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When Your Day Doesn’t Go The Way It Should… And Review!

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Sometimes things don’t work the way you plan or the way you expect them to be. But rather than lamenting at what may be, you need to move on. So while this was written the other day, I couldn’t post as the electricity went out twice that day.  While it COULD have stopped me in …

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Having a Bad Day? Change Your Day Right Away and Make it Better + Kneipp Review

Michele with peonies and kneip products

While I would love to prevent bad days from coming, the truth is there’ll be many to come. In spite of trying to make life better, I’ve experienced quite a few bad days of my own.  I’ve been chased by a fox, photo-bombed by deer, and even discouraged by the struggles that I bare.  Some …

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