About Me


I figured that anyone who follows a blog always likes to know about the person behind the pages and thoughts.  So here’s my story.

      As you all know from the name of my page, my name is Michele with one l.  I am currently twenty-six years old, and hold a BA in Biology and Nutrition & Food Sciences from the University of Vermont.  Although my transcript shows several notable achievements, such as being the recipient of the Hannah Howard Award (4.0 GPA here!), and having membership into Phi Beta Kappa, what it doesn’t show is the struggles I’ve had to face to get there.

If you followed my previous blog, you would have seen that I’ve had many struggles which have contributed and worsened my battles with anorexia throughout my college experience.  And although I went through them all on my last blog, I’m not going to on this page.  Let me just say, it’s been quite the adventure dealing with Type 1 diabetes, food allergies, verbal abuse, divorce, and even my own battles with anorexia all in less than seven years.

Why not you may ask?

To put it simply, I’ve realized that its silly to look back on the past as you can’t change what happened.

You can try, but you can’t turn the tables and try to re-live the moments you missed out on.  So why continue to be paralyzed by the past, and overwhelmed by the future?  Why not just take it day by day and see where your life may go next?  Why focus on the bad times when you should focus on the better times ahead and what you can do to ensure that you will get to this point?

But anyways…

I’m not going to go through it right now, but what I do want to go through quickly is the fact that I eventually found my way to IIFYM and strength training.  And that it did help in so many ways that I never imagined it would.  Although I have had many struggles, and still have many left to get through, I know that it will all work itself out, just as it will for many others as well.

The reason I’m dwelling on this is the fact that making changes through IIFYM and strength training has led me to discovering a better life than I ever thought could be.  A life in which I am no longer trying to dwell on my battles, but rather finding the better person who I was always supposed to be.  And I want you to get there as well.

So while I know we are all different, let me use my education and experience to help you.  Let’s become fit and fabulous together.  And let’s overcome all that we want, so that we can look back on this year with a grin.


With Love Always,