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Being Underestimated… You are Better Than That


Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 4.12.49 PM.png     I bet at one time or another you felt as though you were underestimated by either others or even just yourself.  You may get intimidated when you login to Instagram or blog and see just a few followers there, especially when you see others whom have many more than you do.  You may feel intimidated starting out as a fashion brand and only seeing two customers as opposed to the million that Tiffany’s or even Henri Bendel have.  You may even just get intimidated by others at work or even at school whom seem to thrive when you still feel as if you are all sorting everything out.  But regardless of how it may seem, the fact is that many of you will allow this intimidation to quell your journey towards success and the life in which you deserve.  Your insecurity and feelings about your actions not being good or fast enough compared to what others did or when they got there, will ultimately quell your success.  So while it may seem somewhat odd to say, I think it’s about time that we stop underestimating ourselves, underestimating others, and even being underestimated by others.  Why shouldn’t we give EVERYONE the chance to be in or even to change our life based on the followers that we or they may have?  Let’s try to be genuine, and spread whatever positivity we have to say along with expressing any experiences that may help others, regardless of even looking at followers or even success.  Remember that the greatest things oftentimes are ones that are overlooked or even underestimated…Just give others a chance!

I’ve been doing Instagram and even blogging for a while now and keep seeing the same trends on this platform, let alone in real life.  I see others who have amazing accounts and who have amazing hearts being ignored by those whom may feel more entitled based on the followers that they have even to respond or comment.  I see blogs who deserve so many more views getting less than two.  I see the most inspiring Instagram pictures and captions that are getting even less likes than a daily OOTD or even just someone’s daily food.  And then I see companies who are so real, honest, and even so helpful that are getting less of a following and engagement than the typical popular brands.

And while it makes sense to support those whom we love, such as @tiffanyco and @michaelkors, the fact is that we really should treat others with just the same respect and engage with them just the same.  Just because someone or some company is more popular doesn’t mean that they are more entitled than the ones who have yet to achieve it.

Why not support those brands and people whom are not well-known, as they may have the best things to say?  Why not check out those blog posts that may only get read by two, as you never know what lesson you make take away from it all?  And maybe, when you do, you will see how much your knowledge and experience can mean to another that you put yourself out there as well.

So yet another short blog, but my point is that we need to overlook the number of followers or the amount of success of others and ourselves so that we give everyone a chance.  Just because companies like @tiffanyco and @michaelkors are better known doesn’t mean that other companies such as @stefaniekantis are less of a success than they.   (In all reality, though, their products are absolutely gorgeous as they are handmade, meaning that they each set is unique from that of another).  Similarly, an Instagrammer with 40 followers or even blogger with two followers may be more influential than you would ever expect them to be.  But while this may be, you will never know unless you give them a try.

Treat everyone with the same respect and same engagement regardless of the quantity of followers of success.  And whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to fail based on underestimation of yourself or the underestimation given my others.  Keep at what you are doing, and take a step at a time, and you too will rise and find success.


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3 thoughts on “Being Underestimated… You are Better Than That

  1. I scratch my head on this very subject. I’ve been blogging for over a year now and have come to realize that with all things it’s not what you know or even how good you are…that’s where I turn to God and fate. 😉

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