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Being a Nobody that is Somebody to Someone


a5eec92226e317d3a855240d974d9b20Oftentimes we feel like we are nobodies in the world of somebodies.  While those whom are famous seem to influence with the flick of a finger, we may try, but then give up as we feel that we can NEVER have an impact on the world.  While this may be true if we choose to give up, it is quite the opposite if we continue to try.  If we continue to follow our ambitions, and to utilize our experiences in order to improve not only our own lives, but of others as well, we can very much become a somebody to someone.  Just through one-act of kindness we can change the world for some.  And that brings me to my next blog post on how to become a somebody in the world of nobody this November by performing one-act of kindness, and by advocating of the things in which you believe in.

How many of you have watched celebrities and/or read about them in the news?

You see them vacationing, you see them detoxing, and you even see them in magazines naked (hello Orlando Bloom).  You also see them being robbed (Kim Kardashian), divorced (Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert), and even tried in court.  While these things are oftentimes kept in mind for a week or so until the paparazzi gets note of new news, other aspects of their lives, such as the things in which they advocate and stand by are often kept in our minds for much longer.  We notice the campaigns that they run to stop cancer, the campaigns that they run to stop anorexia, and even the campaigns that they run to stop cystic fibrosis.  And while this influence is a great thing in itself, it may also be somewhat exhausting for other whom are trying badly to make a difference, and yet can’t.  It may also get frustrating for you or for other celebrities when the silliest and most ridiculous remarks of a certain celebrity are memed and shared by millions while there are far better causes to be shared… Although I could go on and on about this, I feel that it is one thing in which we can not control.   We can’t control a celebrities actions nor comments just like we can’t control our societies response.  But what we can control is the way in which we react in our own lives.

We are all Somebodies…

Regardless of whether we are famous or not, each one of us is capable of being a somebody or meaning something to someone through our actions.  Every single day we have the options of how to react to our own situations and others as well.  We can choose to follow our ambitions and to fight the things in which we fear, or to give up on ourselves.  We can choose to allow other’s popularity and great influence to allow us to give up on the things in which we advocate or we can continue on.  We can choose to be nice and supportive of others or whether to be mean and to bully them.  Regardless of what we may decide to do with our lives, we all have the potential to mean something to somebody regardless of how famous we may be.

This November…

So this November, I would love if we could all try to do one small act of kindness towards another and/or stay consistent with the things in which we are passionate about.  Just by opening a door and/or making a compliment to someone else you can truly make a difference in another’s life, and maybe even help lower the incidences of suicide and bullying that occur.  And maybe even just by staying true to yourself and the causes in which you believe in, you will one day be found.  And even if you don’t, you may just help another with those experiences of your own.

So let’s make this #niceandnotnobodynovember and let’s try to go out of our way to make another’s day, and to be that somebody to someone who may just feel like a nobody themself.


With Love Always,




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