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Achieve the Badass Life You Want…In Spite of Being Misguided


Listen to the messages you receive every single day, and I bet that 9/10 of the times you are being misguided.

You are misguided by magazines, advertisements, and even your friends that tell you what you should eat and drink, how you should exercise, and what you should do with the life you are living today.

And while deep down you know what is said is WRONG, you continue to follow the trends…

As you want to believe in that quick fix.

So if you are finding yourself caught up on what to do next, read below on ways to make your life better today.

While it may not be a quick fix, my suggestions are sustainable…
And Will LAST!

So read below on what I have to say, and then read my opinion about a few beauty products I got to try out in my Influenster box the other day!

Being Misguided Today


Open your inbox or your magazine and you are probably enticed by the advertisers who use your interests and hopes in order to get in your head, oftentimes telling you of ways to get ahead.

They tell you of how to get “healthy”…

Or how to get abs in 10 days.

They even entice you to buy certain products by promising you the healthy, confident lifestyle you want every single day.

And while SOME of the information CAN be useful, we take everything as it is stated…

And seldom second guess it.

Just because of this fact alone, many are being enticed to buy products and follow guidelines that don’t work for the LONG-TERM.

So while it may be simple to follow what others are doing and be enticed by all you see, I’m telling you that there are BETTER and more SUSTAINABLE ways to go about LIVING!

How to Live Your Life

Rather than following the detox, diet, or exercise routine that your friend suggested, it’s time you start changing that today! So while it may be enticing to get abs in 10 days, achieve a healthier lifestyle in a short amount of time, or even to feel confident by buying a certain exercise outfit, the REALITY IS THAT YOU CAN’T.

But you can go about living a healthier lifestyle EACH DAY!

Steps In Order To Live the Best Life:

STEP 1: Figure Out What You Want

So starting today, figure out exactly what you want.

Although you know the basics, that you want both happiness and health, there are several things you must figure out.  Focus on whether you want a family, where you want to live, and even what your passion is.  From there on out, you can determine your plans.

By knowing the exact things you NEED in your life, you can make decisions relevant to your life today…

And make it work!


Once you know what it is you want to achieve do some research on HOW to make it work.  Read some magazines or listen to the experts to get some ideas, but then get around to RESEARCHING it as well.

So if you want abs, then figure out what you need to change.  Maybe your friend suggested following IIFYM and strength training, an article suggested a workout plan, and a magazine advertised an exercise product that helps you achieve abs in a few days.  Rather than following one or the other, research all three options, and see what (if anything) would work for yourself.

STEP 3: Try an Assortment of Things Out

Rather than thinking that you MUST follow a certain plan or guideline, try an assortment of things out.  Try a variety of exercises, a different diet, or even a different way of eating that you never did before.  And while doing so, pay close attention to how YOU are FEELING about yourself.

If you are feeling tired, worn, upset, or cranky while doing the plan that you made, try something else instead.

There are always options to choose from and you must find what works for yourself rather than the likes of someone else.

STEP 4: Take Small Steps Everyday Without Worrying About Deadlines

When you figure out what makes you feel best and happiest, keep doing it as much as you can.

Take small steps and face your struggles everyday to go about the best life you can every single day.

Rather than worrying about living the BEST life you can in a short amount of time, just continue to utilize on making your today better than your yesterdays and taking a small step at a time.

By taking small steps rather than leaps, you will get accustomed to the changes and able to live the healthiest, sustainable lives that you deserve TODAY!

The End

So in spite of quick fixes and advertisements that sway us to buy things, let’s focus on living the best lives we can today.  Rather than believing each article or person that we see throughout the course of our days, we should second guess it all, to get better days.  By taking information, researching it, and trying it out ourselves, we are able to identify what works and what doesn’t for OURSELVES.  And once we realize what it is we need to do, we can go about making steps at a time to make our todays better than they were.  By figuring it out a day at a time we can achieve the happy and healthy lifestyles we all deserve.

So with that being said, I would like to know some of the things that you are doing today to make your lives better today!  What works for you and what doesn’t?  What keeps you going in spite of it all?

Influenster Beauty Box

As I said before, taking a step at a time is the best thing to do.

So when I got a Influenster box with all NEW products to try, I took each product a try a step at a time.  Rather than trying out everything at once, I took one product at a time, to determine what did and did not work.

By doing so, I was able to choose which products I really liked, and which I didn’t, so that I could recommend my favorites for you to try.

And while you may have different results than I, you may want to go about and do a quick read as this is part of the researching that goes into your life right now!

The Products

1.Lashfood Browfood (TAUPE)

This was the first product I used as I have a wee-bit of a problem when it comes to tweezing the skinniest of brows!  I used it right after the shower and was amazed by how well it worked.

In a matter of two minutes, this product was able to do wonders for my brows.  All I had to do was to draw where my brow was with the wax pencil and fill in the missing spots with the attached wand.  It was simple, quick, and appeared REAL in spite of my qualms of it not matching!

Because of how well it worked, I chose to forgo any other makeup and get around to living out my day!

And while I used it quite a number of times since, I love it every time around and the fact that it can be taken nearly anywhere.  It’s small size allows it to be stored in a purse or beach bag quite easily, so if it needs to be done again, it can!  And while the ingredients are not all natural as I would love to have had, I think with these things you could to practice moderation in order to live the best and happiest lives you can!

PRICE: $25

2. Dermalogica Stress Positive Eyelift

This was the next product I tried as I’ve been trying to find an under-eye product that I love.

Upon trying this product I fell in love with it, as it felt cool-to-touch and woke me up!  I loved how much better it made me look, especially with this lack of sleep I’ve been getting as of now!  It reduced the dark circles under my eyes, and allowed me to go out without worrying about how tired I looked!

So despite the price and ingredients, this is a product I would definitely consider buying.  As I said before, I think it’s necessary with anything to go about doing so with moderation. If this product or any other product makes you feel and look better as you want, then I feel that it’s somewhat silly to avoid incorporating things (that may be unclean or un-natural) that you LIKE or WANT.

PRICE: $65

3. AQUIS Hair Towel: Lisse Luxe Hair Towel
purple AQUIS hair towel in packaging
Love the Color of This Hair Towel, but Read On for My Thoughts On How It Worked!

Next product I tried was this AQUIS hair towel, which I used immediately after my LONG and hot shower!  I now use it to dry my hair, and let me tell you…I’m never going back to a NORMAL TOWEL!

This product did exactly what it was intended for.  It dries my hair without having to use the blowdryer, thus reducing the damage I normally do!  This alone helps the ends of my hair seem less straggly than they once were, and truly made a difference when it came to my hair.

And while it may seem expensive at first glance, the fact is that it’s worth it because it lasts.  In this manner, this towel should be thought of an investment.  An investment that saves hair and also saves on utilities as there is less to be blown dry!  It also saves some time, as you don’t need to continue to stand in place just blow-drying your soaking wet strands each day!


4. Julep Boost Your Radiance Reparative Rosehip Seed Facial Oil

This was the next product that needed testing!  So of course I thought about how similar this situation was to the movie, “What Women Want,” and then tried the product out myself.

While there are so many products similar to this that I have tried this month, the first thing that stood out to me were the ingredients, as they were recognizable and minimalistic as well.  In spite of all the other products in my Vox box, this only claimed to have FOUR ingredients!  All of which seemed SIMPLE and relatively natural to me!

Look below to See the Ingredients!


As you see, it’s simple and natural, but what did I think?

So while it may be natural, I thought it was very similar to another product that I tried.  It was very nice, but nothing different from what I’ve tried before.  Because it was only 0.85 oz in comparison to other products that I tried, I would say that I would probably forgo this particular product and find another product that worked better on my sensitive skin.

But when all is said and done, I would definitely try another Julep product, in order to find the right one!

5. Sigma Aura Powder

Next product…the Sigma Aura Powder!

Since I’ve been using another product that I spoke about before, I left this one until the end to try on!

So upon opening it out of the box, the first thing I noticed and loved was the sleekness and thin look of the product itself.  This product is similar to the rest in that it can be simply thrown into a bag.  It was a perfect size and shape because I could hold it and not worry about dropping it!

Upon trying the light pink shade on, I was slightly impressed by it all.  Although I had qualms based on the ingredients and on the shade, I thought it was a different shade for the summer look.

But while it was a great product, I think I love my other product a little more.  I’m not quite sure if it’s because I like to have a variety of colors to contour.  But with that being said, I would still recommend it, as many others have even said!

6. Sigma F40 Angled Contour brush

Next product on the list was this angled contour brush and boy do I love it!

Unlike the other brushes I have gotten in free gifts, this brush was great, as it properly blended everything perfectly.  It was simple to contour with and could be used for nearly anything…if you ask me!

7. Ouidad Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo and Conditioner Set

So if you already have read a few of my blogs, you already know of my love of long showers and nice shampoos!

I love the feeling a shower gives me as it’s the only thing that TRULY relaxes me.  From someone on the go all the time, its my little me time that I enjoy.

So when it came down to trying this set by Ouidad, I was excited to try something new, but also had my doubts. Because I never used this brand before, I didn’t know what to expect, so I did a little research before.


By the looks of the bottle, I couldn’t tell whether or not I would like the smell.  It was very different from the shampoos that I’ve been using in that it didn’t really claim to have a SPECIFIC scent.  This product was not coconut, lavender, or anything as per the label, which made me a little upset as I love choosing the scent of my shampoo!


The next thing that caught my eye was the long list of ingredients of the product I was going to try.  Unlike some other brands I’ve tried in the past, this list was relatively long with many ingredients that I would rather not like.  But in spite of the long ingredient label, I was surprised to find that it WAS SULFATE-FREE!

Use: While I had my doubts, I liked this shampoo and conditioner set more than I originally thought.  While it didn’t do much for “curls” as my hair is straight, it made my hair a little less “strangly” than it used to be.  It smelled quite nice, and worked pretty good, but I don’t think it will be replacing my favorite products anytime soon!

To Buy or Not To Buy

So while there are so many things I could say about these products, the fact is that many of you want to know whether or not to buy.  While I couldn’t decide on the products to test out myself, you can use my experience to decide on the products you want to TRY out yourself.  And while they may work differently for me than for you, I hope this gives you a better idea of what you would like to try and buy today!

This opportunity to try new items allowed me to determine if there is anything on the market better than the products I am using today.  While some of the products would replace the NORM, a few others, were just okay.  So this is what I thought and this is what I have to say.

My Favorites (AKA MUST BUYS)
me smiling with lash browfood near pool in joes jeans
My Favorite Was a No Brainer, But I Loved All the Brands!

Within this box, my favorite products were the lashfood browfood, dermalogica eyelift, AQUIS towel, and contouring brush by Sigma.

  1. **LASHFOOD BROWFOOD**: As I mentioned, the lashed browfood was definitely one of the top four, as I love the way it went on and love how it appeared.  It gave me the look of natural and healthy brows, which no other product has ever done.  And when this bottle is done, I am sure to buy myself.
  2. Dermalogica Eyelift: Given how tired I have been, this product has truly been AMAZING! I love how it feels on my skin and love how well it works on sensitive skin!  So when this bottle is done, I may consider buying this with a coupon code (GIRL LIKES TO SAVE!)
  3. AQUIS TOWEL: As I mentioned, this is an investment, which need not be replaced.  You buy it once and the amount it saves on hair blowing and haircuts is well worth it!  And although I will not need to buy another, I would highly recommend it, as my hair was relatively better!
  4. Contouring Brush: Maybe it’s the fact that I used cheaper brands before, but I loved this brush so much.  And I would highly recommend it as an investment as well!
Take it or Leave It (Or Buy Alternatives from the Same Brand!)

Out of the products, there were several that I liked, but didn’t love.  While some of them were good, they weren’t great, making me want to pass.  But in spite of it all, I would definitely consider other alternatives from the same companies, as I loved either the ingredients or brand!

  1. Julep Face Oil: While this product was great and had minimal ingredients, it’s something I would consider leaving out, as other products work better on my skin.  Although it may work better on yourself, given the price and my skin type, there were other products I would have liked to try from this brand.  I would probably not buy this EXACT product again, but would consider buying an alternative from this brand!
  2. Sigma Aura Powder: I liked this product, but I prefer a set of contouring powders rather than just one!  If I bought this powder, I would want to try the other colors necessary for contouring before, as I wouldn’t want to mix a variety of brands on my skin.  I liked this product, and would definitely consider buying several other products, but prefer a contouring palate to chose from!
  3. Ouidad Shampoo and Coniditioner Set: This product was great, but was meant predominantly for curly hair.  Because of this, I did not get much out of it other than less straggly hair.  I didn’t like not being able to choose a particular scent, but as I said before, I would definitely consider trying out other products from this brand!
So there you have it… my MUST BUYS and my take it or leave its!

While you may think differently based on your own INDIVIDUAL SKIN TONE AND TYPE, AND HAIR CONCERN, take what I wrote to determine what is best for you!

And when you do, let me know what your opinion was, as I would love to see what may have worked for you!


With Love Always,










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