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Appreciating Life While You Can



    I bet that many of you are worried about where your life may be going, so much so that you forget to appreciate the life you are living now.  And while it’s important to make steps every single day and to strive for a better life that we all deserve, it’s just as necessary  to take a step back, to breathe, and to think about all the things we have rather than all the things we have either lost or have been unable to attain.  We need to appreciate and to take time out for all the things that we have and love, especially given the unpredictability and uncertainty that each day holds.  Nobody knows when we will be gone, or if we will even get the EXACT life which we all deserve, so why not try to be happy with the life in which you have WHILE trying to make it better?  So today, rather than getting frustrated with how far you have left to go in order to make your life better, make your life better by living it the best way you know how.  And with that said, here’s a blog about enjoying the life that you have.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 3.44.32 PM.png     Let’s face it…We all have those times that we get so frustrated with our own lives and the struggles in which we face every single day that we forget about all the good things that we either worked for in life or just seemingly were born into.  Although we have a family and support system whom we depend on, a dog that makes us laugh, and even aspects of our own personality which we love, we oftentimes hold all these things as if they would never be gone.  Rather than taking a five-minute break from our work to call a loved one up, or even to play with our dog, we get so caught up in life and our futures, that we forget that these things may eventually be gone.  We don’t appreciate others and we don’t appreciate ourselves, and in all reality end up losing whatever joy we may have had.

     And while we can continue on down this road until something happens, why not try and make the best of our lives as they are NOW?


How To Appreciate Life…

Although it’s not such a simple task, there screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-3-46-08-pmare simple ways in which to appreciate the life in which you were given or which you worked for rather than getting caught in the mentality of JUST making your life better and getting CAUGHT UP in your struggles.  These may seem rather silly, but in the long run, just doing these few things that take five to ten minutes each day, can make your life seem more enjoyable than the life in which you are currently living.  Taking five-ten minutes out of your day won’t impact your ability to make the life you have now better for living and these small breaks will actually give you more motivation to keep going.

1.Call a Loved One

In all reality, each and every one of us has five or ten minutes on either our daily commute or even doing cardio to call someone whom we love everyday.  Whether it be a mom, a dad, a grandparent, or even a sibling, sometimes it’s just necessary to push the few numbers on the phone and call rather than texting, as the majority of us often rely upon.  Find out how they are doing, what they are doing, and even make a date that you can visit, as you never really know when you will be able to see them again.  Just remaining connected with those you love, truly makes a difference, and sometimes gives you more initiative in getting the better life that you all want.

2. Play with Your Dog or Pet

 How many times have you gone home only to be greeted by the dog who obviously wants to play and welcome you home, only to pet him or her once and then run to put your bag down, and catch your phone?

Rather than appreciating the love you are given, you mindless spend your time rushing into getting yet another task done.  So once in a while, just take a step back and rather than rushing upon getting home, take time to play with your dog and/or pet.  Take them for a long walk or even incorporate them into one of your exercises. as I often do, and you will be amazed by how much it affects your furry loved one, but also by how much it affects yourself.  Just wait and see, as you may achieve a better mental and physical state as pets often contribute to lower blood pressures, cholesterol, triglycerides, and even feelings of loneliness (which you can read about here: Benefits of Having a Pet).

3. Go Outside

Let’s face it…We all need to  enjoy time away from our phones to enjoy the outdoors.  Going outside has been related to stress relief, reduced inflammation, better vision, improved concentration, sharper vision, and even an immunity boost (as stated here: Reasons to Go Outside).  Not only this, but going outside also can contribute to better vitamin D levels, necessary for both physiological and mental health.  So rather than staying indoors and working on all these technologies that you may have, take a break or even several just to enjoy some of the benefits of being outdoors.  Not many people get this opportunity, so why shouldn’t you take advantage of every second that you can?

4. Exercise

Although many of us find time to get this aspect of our life into our daily routine each day and recognize the benefits of doing so, I felt it only right to mention it as it is one of the things in my life that has helped me both physically and mentally.  When done correctly and in proper amounts, exercise has the ability to strengthen bones, build muscle, prevent a variety of diseases, and to keep metabolisms nice and strong (Benefits of Exercise).  It also can contribute to stress relief, improved self-confidence, decreased anxiety…the list goes on and on (Mental Health Benefits of Exercise).  As you can see from what I mentioned already, finding the time to exercise and do something that you love to do, can make you appreciate the life you have while working for the life that you want.

     So while this may be yet another short blog, the point is that we all need to take small short breaks here and there to appreciate the things in which we have, so that we can focus on achieving the lives in which we want.  Rather than pushing aside all the things that matter in our lives now, we should make certain that we take five to ten minutes here and there to respect everything we have.  We should show our appreciation towards ourselves, our loved ones, our ability to exercise, our ability to go outdoors, and even the ability to have a pet that loves us so much that they never want us to go.  Life is too short, too unstable, and too uncertain for us not to find joy in our lives right now RATHER than just pushing ourselves to be better.  So then on this Tuesday, just remember to take a break, to take a step back to appreciate where you are and what you have rather than being hard on yourself of where you would like to be and what you do not have as of yet.


With Love Always,




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