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All It Takes Is One


     Lately (as many others may relate), life has been hitting me smack down in the face in multiple regards.  In less than a week, I’ve not only had to deal with my own struggle with anorexia and unemployment, but also with other issues such as my iPad and iPhone crashing as well.  I’ve been lied to by companies such as Honda, whom I had hoped to be able to trust, and have experienced many other pains that need not all be mentioned.  In spite of it all, and all honesty, I’m not exactly sure how, but I keep going.  I still wake up every morning, in spite of the difficult in doing so, and still manage to get things done.

     Although I am not sure exactly why, I do believe it has to do with my own belief that something amazing is yet to come…that one thing that I do can induce changes that are so greatly needed.  So today’s blog post is about the difference that one thought and/or action can make within this world, and how YOU can make a difference within your own lives or another’s by the actions you do.

Who else oftentimes feels overwhelmed by the day and what to do?   When this happens, you may have a variety of priorities and are unsure of where to start.  You may feel that the situations that keep occurring around you seem to much to bare.  And all you feel like doing is just giving up right then and there?  Giving up may sound like the simplest option, but its best not to, as by giving up on yourself, you also giving up on others too and are setting an example that enables our future generations to follow this path.  And that’s the thing that I feel that we, as humans, have forgotten…the power that ONE individual has to make changes not only for themselves, but for others as well through doing ONE thing, saying ONE thing, acting on ONE idea, etc.

I could go on and on on this topic, but to put it all into context…

All it takes is one person, one idea, one moment, one action, one moment in time to change the world and the lives of others.  Although many of these changes can induce pain and suffering, there are also changes that can bring about good in a world so often plagued with bad.  Our choices to give compliments rather than to bully, to give advice rather than criticize, to hold the door for others rather than walking past truly does make all of the difference in this world.  In the same manner, those whom are complimented, given advice, held the door open for have the same power to bring good to this world as well.  And maybe, just maybe, these differences may just lead to one thing that makes your life worth living.

So even though I am only ONE account on wordpress and ONE account on Instagram, I felt it only necessary to start my own campaign, as you never know what this one post may lead to.

So this month, I ask you all to stay focused on your own situations and not allow yourself to give up based on the situations that are occurring around you.  Let’s try and take each day this month to do something to induce changes in ourselves or within others.  Let’s give compliments to others that help them to later pursue their dreams, let’s hold doors for others who may be feeling a bit insecure and alone, let’s talk to others whom we never would have spoken to, and let’s do anything we can to try and make this world a kinder place.  By doing so, we not only initiate changes in our own lives, but of future generations as well.  And one more thing… But let’s just try and have hope for ourselves, in spite of how bleak our future may be, that our one thing is coming that will make our lives worth living.

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