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I bet that many of you see me as the girl who utilized IIFYM and strength training to combat anorexia, and who continues to write and post mostly words of inspiration.  And while it may be partially true, the fact is that I oftentimes want to post more than just my long-written out captions.  I want to post about my fashion (when I find time to go out), post about my family life (which never is normal), and just post about more.  And while I feel somewhat confined by the unsaid rules of Instagram, the fact of the matter is that I know that I need to make this account more than my thoughts, more than just fashion, and more than just my family.  It needs to be about me.  So what better way then to start posting about 10 Non-fitness Facts About Me?

  1. I am five feet tall so I love shopping for and wearing the highest (and most comfortable) shoes available.  I mostly buy from @colehaan but also have bought shoes from @elliotlucca @tahari @giuseppezanotti @enzoangiolini @sperry.  However, while I do love my heels, my go-to choice is always fancy flip-flops with bling.
  2. I am obsessed with shampoo and conditioner and hair care, but only brush and blow-dry my hair (No straightener or curlers for me).  I only dyed my hair one time and let’s just say it still torments me today.
  3. I love the color pink, but I also love the color yellow…and can’t quite decide which one I like best.  I like pink just because it’s all girly and all, but at the same time like yellow, as it’s so bright and different from what most other’s like.
  4. That brings me to this next point.  I like being different from everyone else.  I don’t just follow what others do just to follow.  I set my own fashions and oftentimes make up my own words or names for things which my family often follows. (My uncle michael somehow is now called Unca Munca).
  5. The three things which bother me most are seeing dried liquid soap on the end of the soap pump (yes…I am that person), when people put their feet on the dashboard of my car (my mom hates me for yelling at her all the time), and when people whom I trust lie (as I very often find out)…
  6. I went to college to become a medical doctor and actually took the MCAT and all, but then decided that being a doctor wasn’t the best for me financially or even just in terms of my functionality (this girl needs her six or seven hours of straight sleep).
  7. I overthink everything…and I know it. But yet, I somewhat love it in spite of all the anxiety it may cause.
  8. I love to do all kinds of water-sports meaning I love to kayak (despite a flip or two), swim (basically a fish when I get in), extreme-tube (even after getting hand surgery because of the intensity of it all), and even just water-ski.
  9. I hate the cold.  And am determined to move to Hawaii or California one day.  The only thing that keeps me from going is a.) my fear of flying (which was a fun find to experience b.) my family out in the Northeast.
  10. But in spite of it all, I still chose to go to Vermont for college.  I went to the University of Vermont and as silly as it sounds, never went to snow-skii or snowboard.  The only thing I did was run (ahem…ice skate on the pavement as they weren’t the best with paving their roads).
  11. And one more thing because this has gotten me going, but I actually have a scar on the right side of my head from a hockey incident when I was seven.  My brother hit me with a hockey stick and I needed to get plastic surgery, but he still to this day suggests that I hit myself…Brothers!

So while this blog may be somewhat different from most, my point is that everyone has something to share that they often do not.  You may not feel as though it matters, or you may often feel like you will be judged.  And while it may seem only customary to hide it from all, the fact is that you all matter more than you make it to be.  Just like I want to know about more about you, I bet that others want to know just the same as well.  We all matter, so how about giving 10 Non-Fitness Facts about Yourself?


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